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Adidas Superstars - Adidas Forest Hills - Adidas Superstar 2 - Adidas Superstar 1 offers a huge range of urban Adidas superstars, forest hills, vintage shell toes, adidas superstar 2 and puma basket. Unbeatable prices for adidas superstars and fast local and worldwide shipping. Keep your feet looking sweet with some of the best looking adidas shell toes on the street. Check out our range of Rasta adidas superstars and also the limited edition casino superstars.

About the Adidas superstar

When in the market looking for a new pair of sneakers that will really last a long time, Adidas Superstars will definitely give you a run for your money. It follows the Adidas tradition of excellence and durability in terms of the shoes craftsmanship. Thousands and even millions of pairs of Adidas Superstars have been manufactured, dispatched, sold and reached the hands (or rather the feet) of people all over the world and more are still out looking for these shoes. The Adidas Superstar can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether it is to play basket ball, go to the gym or school, or for just about any day of the year, the Adidas Superstar is perfect. This pair of shoes comes at a very reasonable cost, and it does not even go over a hundred dollars. This shoe is a very great find.
The Adidas Superstar was first manufactured in 1969. It was first designed as footwear for basketball modeled after the Pro Model Basketball shoe. Its predecessor, the adidas superstar Pro Model has a high-top design while the Adidas Superstar, on the other hand, has a low-top design that features an all-leather upper and a rubber shell toe that has been the signature look of this model. A lot of NBA players have been seen sporting the Adidas Superstar as it has been a regular favorite since its release. During the mid-70s, this shoe has been worn by at least ¾ of the whole crowd of NBA players. Since then, this model has been in continuous mass production.
The Adidas shell toes or simply dubbed as “shell toe or shell top” is the more popular term for the Adidas Superstar. At one point the history of this line of shoes, it was very hard to get a pair owing to a popular demand. Even professional basketball players in the NBA had to wait in a queue to get a hold of the Adidas shell toes. Today, Adidas shell toes are considered classics with its signature rubber shell toe design that everybody loves. The Adidas shell toe has always been part of the Adidas catalog, and it is never out from the market. The line has come up with a lot of variations from its original design. Even NBA-inspired designs were launched in the market.
Among the features to look out for in the Adidas superstar shoes are its padded collar that was designed to provide extra comfort to the wearer. It has a rubber sole with a herringbone traction design and its upper is made from soft tumbled leather, and it uses fat laces.
The Adidas Superstar shoes we see today in the market have that signature Trefoil logo of the Adidas brand. However, in the original and early productions of the Adidas Superstar shoes, the Trefoil logo at the back was not in place. It was added in the design in the later production. Even the triple stripes we see at the sides were not part of the original design. The stripes have never even been trademarked by Adidas in the US. A lot of sneaker brands also added the triple stripe in their design in order to achieve and Adidas effect to people and ride over the large demand drawn by the Adidas superstar shoes.
All of the Adidas Superstars have long since carried the distinctive shell tops design. The Adidas shell tops are practically a trademark of the Adidas Superstar. A lot of people around the world have loved this design and many other brands have tried to copy it yet none of them met the success achieved by the Adidas shell tops.
This shoe is an Adidas classic and over the 40 years since its introduction, more than 35 variations and styles has been released. Today, this model has transcended beyond its original function as basketball and has been used as regular footwear used everyday by many. Gone are the days when a specific shoe can only be used for a single purpose. The many variations of the Adidas Superstar available in the market today have made the Superstar line very versatile. Wearing an Adidas Superstar can tell a lot about one's personality since people of different personalities have their own pick from the dozen of Adidas superstar designs available to suit their respective personalities. People can express themselves freely by while wearing this shoe. No one is conformed to a stereotype while wearing the Adidas Superstar. Reviews by Adidas Superstar owner can describe this particular pair of shoes from Adidas in one word, and that is “cool.” Even popular celebrities in the music industry today like Fergie, Chris Brown, Korn and a whole lot more have been spotted to be sporting this shoe.
The Adidas Superstar is a noteworthy collectible in your shoe closet. From the original vintage Adidas Superstar down to the many color ways and variations available, there are just so many to fill a collector’s dreams. Even people who are not avid shoe collectors, but those who simply love to dress up in a coordinated manner have succumbed to owning more than a pair or two of the Adidas Superstars. One of an Adidas Superstar owner recounts that he owns so many colors of the Adidas Superstar shoes in his closet that his closet practically looks like a store display.
The Adidas Superstar has everything that you are looking for in a pair of shoes. Durability, comfort, style, a great history down memory lane and even a cool factor, you name it. Even by just wearing it, you are already making a statement. Hence, when looking at the perfect shoes, the Adidas Superstar is one shoe that your list should not fail to miss. Soon enough, you will be sporting that popular pair of Adidas shell tops that has been worn by a dozen of popular people and enjoy the perks that come with it. The Adidas Superstar shoes have long since been a popular icon in the whole culture of wearing sneakers; it would be great to be a part of this.



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